I have had back pain from scoliosis for most of my life. Dr. Kieffer has given me the most effective treatment I’ve ever had for this condition, and it is wonderful to be pain-free. She has also healed an eye misalignment following surgery. My overall health is the best it has been in many years, and I value her healing touch beyond measure. Thank you, Dr. Kieffer!
Dr. Kieffer’s treatment makes my body feel better. I feel looser.
Dr. Kieffer's treatments keep me going!
Dr. Kieffer is a gifted and skilled individual. Our daughter was born via induced labor two weeks early. At about two months old she started having problems with digestion, and was in obvious pain. Sometimes she would cry and then scream herself to sleep after eating. She would struggle to have a BM, her life was becoming a cycle of waking up hungry, eating, crying/screaming, and sleep. My wife committed herself to finding a solution and started research. My wife found Dr. Kieffer through an extensive search for DOs with specific abilities and familiarity with infants. Within minutes of sitting down with Dr. Kieffer I felt we were on the right path. Dr. Kieffer started out by asking about the pregnancy. After a lengthy conversation she began examining our daughter. What happened next was awesome. Our tired, tense, fidgety infant "melted" in Dr. Kieffer's hands on the exam table as Dr. Kieffer worked her "magic". She gently used her skilled and practiced hands to work with our daughter. Dr. Kieffer was soothing and comforting to our daughter and it was obvious our daughter was feeling relief immediately. That night after we got home from that very first visit our daughter had the best night of sleep she'd had since entering this world and so did we! Dr. Kieffer used her skills, knowledge and ability; we saw our daughter becoming a happier baby as a result. After the fourth visit Dr. Kieffer advised that our daughter seemed to be doing well and she didn't see a need for more treatments unless symptoms reappeared. Now a little over four months old, our daughter is a very happy, healthy "normal" baby that sleeps like champ, has a healthy appetite, normal BMs, and is learning to laugh at silly faces and make a variety of funny noises. In my opinion Dr. Kieffer greatly improved our daughter's quality of life.
Over the past five years, Dr. Kieffer has become an integral part of our family's medical care. She encourages a healthy lifestyle and her treatments support the body through episodes of illness and injury. For me, her treatments help counter the effects of chronic allergy and asthma. After being treated, my movement is more fluid and I feel more relaxed. For my daughter, Cranial Osteopathy helps her feel less stressed and more able to cope with a social world. And her treatments for everyday sprains, strains and bruises help us feel better and heal faster. Thanks for everything you do for us!
Dr. Kieffer has seen all four of our children since the first week of their birth. During their first year she helped us manage many issues such as colic and food sensitivities. She also supplied us with supplements that helped strengthen their immune system. Our third child, L, was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when she was almost two years old and Dr. Kieffer has been an active part of her therapy since birth. L is prone to ear infections and with Cranial Osteopathy, Dr. Kieffer has been able to keep L free of ear infections most of her life. L is a thriving, healthy 8 years old and Dr. Kieffer has added greatly to her development. Dr. Kieffer continues to see all of our children regularly and we have been nothing but happy with her treatment for the past 12 years.
Osteopathy has been a great alternative treatment for our family. Dr. Monica Kieffer is an excellent healer. My family goes to her every 4 - 6 months for a routine "tune-up" and more frequently if we experience a head or tailbone injury. Dr. Kieffer treats the entire patient and has even noticed when a physical condition is made worse by an emotional or diet issue. I honestly do not know what I would do without her "hands-on" treatments.