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Marriage and Family Therapy

Counseling can assist a person(s) in the process of growth and adaptation to life's challenges. The function of counseling can be change of a difficult situation or relationship, prevention of future problems, or life enhancement through developing understanding and wisdom of life's passages. Marriage and Family Therapy is about exploring relationships. The relationships we consider can be between spouses, children, family, friends, and even your relationship to yourself. Therapy sessions can be individual or multiple people. One can examine relationship individually in therapy or with the person(s) with whom you are in relationship. In therapy Dr. Kieffer provides a safe and compassionate space to do this sometimes difficult sometimes joyful work.

Part of therapy is the exploration of the relationship; another part can be exploring the deeper self of you. Knowing yourself can be a large part of psychotherapy. Delving into motivations, intentions, and purpose often give a person(s) clarity that helps in life and relationship. Dr. Kieffer truly enjoys assisting and supporting people to find unexplored territory within themselves.

Dr. Kieffer enjoys working with all ages of people. As an osteopathic physician she has worked with many people long term, some for over twenty years. This has given her a wonderful knowledge of the passages of life. Dr. Kieffer enjoys giving support and understanding during these passages. She helps people ask the questions "With this passage what is the purpose of my life?" "How has that purpose changed?" "What do I want for myself as my life changes?"

As people move through life there is often loss or bereavement. This could be for the death of a loved one, in preparation of death, or the losses of living; such as job loss, moving, divorce, or loss associated with aging or illness. This is a wonderful time to reflect on the meaning of the loss to that individual and how that is going to remake and rediscover life's path. Children have a special place in Dr. Kieffer's heart. She believes that each person has a special gift to bring to the world and loves working with the children to find and support the awakening of that gift. At times the work with children will need to involve the whole family. Dr. Kieffer uses her compassion to create a safe place for therapy, for the patient to feel and be able to explore areas that have been difficult to get to on their own. Her goal is to help people find a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships and to be more content with the choices they have and will make in life.
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